ForexBob offers Daily Premium high quality short term Forex Signals which beginner and Intermediate traders can use to earn consistent profit out of Forex. Our mission is to help every trader to earn long term profits to have stress free living. 

We accept Card Payments/SKRILL/NETELLER/PAYPAL/BTC. Further for any payment related queries please contact us at https://t.me/fxbob_support via telegram or email us at support@forexbob.com. You will receive an Invite link on your email id to enter into FOREXBOB Premiumonce payment is confirmed.

One need skills to become a professional trader, those skills are not developed overnight, these skills development may take days, weeks, months or even years.

We help you to improve your Skill more rapidly by letting you to act like our professional traders when you follow their high quality signals, moreover our experts share their experience and knowledge via YouTube videos, Forex Tips, Chart Analysis on telegram etc.

It takes years of hard work, patience and discipline. But when you have us, you need not any former forex experience, you just have to follow our daily updates.
Foreign exchange is simple and easy to understand. Our goal is to offer a top quality services to our customers belongs to trader community. In case you don’t have knowledge about forex then start learning from scratch about Forex trading by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

You must have basic knowledge of Forex trading. If you’re a beginner/newbie in Forex enroll to our Mini Course to learn about the basics of forex trading.
Next you will need a good broker. Once you open a live account with your broker, then you need to deposit an initial balance to your live account. Then you’re all set to start trading in forex market.

We have a team of Expert traders with years of experience. You just need to follow our experts and we can make money together.

We do market analysis and provide you precise details of the Entry price, Stop Loss and Take Profit on our Telegram Channel. We provide money management advise to our VIP members and recommend them the lot sizes. We update the members when to close a trade and lock profits. Even we have also provided few forex calculators which our Free Telegram users can also use which can help them to calculate lot sizes as per their account size and risk taking appetite. We recommend you to try our free forex tools in above tab

We are Consistent & Disciplined.
In our journey so far, we have learnt how to be profitable and sustain in an ever changing market without being inconsistent.Further more our customer support differentiate us from other.

How much larger you can trade relative to your account size. If your broker offers 1:100 leverage, it means you can trade upto a value 100 times more relative to your account size. Leverage is a double edged sword, You will potentially make more money and also there are chances of losing more money when leverage is high. We strongly recommend you not to choose more than 1:500 leverage.

It depends on the broker that you choose. Each broker decides on a minimum deposit (usually between $50 to $100). There are some brokers that let you open a $25 account to start trading Forex. Also, most brokers offer up to thousands of dollars bonuses for first-time deposits. You can check list of few reliable brokers which may suites to your financial requirements. We strongly recommend you to start trading with a amount not less than $1000 and leverage not more than 1:500. To know more about brokers click here 

Limitless. But you have to be mindful while trading as market can go against you as well, You can lose your money in a moment if you are hasty and don’t take steps to reduce risks.

Forex trading is uncertain like any other investment, but with professionals assistance the risk is minimized. No doubt there is great potential of earning money for Forex traders, but there is risk when beginners or intermediates are in hurry to earn money and are not mindful enough while trading.

Yes, you can. You just need to choose a broker from our broker tab then download a trading platform app (MetaTrader 4 recommended) on your device, basic knowledge of forex and know how to place orders. For forex tutorials can subscribe to our YouTube channel.

If you take our VIP membership, you will get 1500-3500 pips per month with lowest drawdowns possible and to the free members we provide anywhere between 500-1500 pips per month.

It is difficult to determine the Drawdown size as it is much relative to the risk and lot size you are taking in a trade. There are traders who are very conservative and they take less than 1% risk of their capital on the other hand there are high risk  traders taking too much risk who put half of their account value on risk. Usually we select trades which have less room for drawdown, that’s why in our signals it has only 50 pips Stop Loss value. If you want to stay long in forex we recommend you to use proper risk management, our forex calculators can help you a lot Try all the calculators in above forex tools tab.

You can trade with broker of your choice, but we recommend you to use a reputed True ECN broker. If you want us to suggest the appropriate broker for you, contact us at support@forexbob.com or you can visit this forex tab here.

Our support team is available 24 x 7 and you can reach them for your queries via Live Chat, Telegram Chat or E-mail.

You can trade in micro lots and can start with less as $500. However, your deposit is up to you and you can choose it depending on your financial situation.

We work with a reliable partner called ‘SafeCharge’. or anyother security. All the transactions are processed 100% in a secure environment and you can use the credit card without any double thoughts. PayPal, NETELLER, SKRILL can be used as well.
AVAILABLE METHODS: PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, NETELLER, SKRILL, BTC & Bank transfer.

Yes, email us at support@forexbob.com

Disclaimer : Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high risk, and may not be suitable for all traders. High leverage can go against you as well as for you. Before investing in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Read More

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